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VBF Announces "Ask The VBF Founder." Linda Rozell-Shannon is the leading lay expert (non doctor) in the world on the subject of vascular birthmarks.


Babies with Birthmarks™

Our newest program - guidelines for physicians to follow to diagnose and treat vascular birthmarks with the earliest intervention.

Recent Medical Papers and Research

New Research Out of Boston

Dynamic Cooling Paper by Dr. Nelson and Wangcun Jia

Arterio-venous Malformations Powerpoint Presentation

PWS paper by Dr. Mihm and L. Rozell-Shannon

SWS Glaucoma Facts by L. Rozell-Shannon and Dr. Fay

Test for Birthmarks

Psychosocial and Emotional Issues for Individuals with a Port Wine Stain

Simple things you can do to manage KTS (Dr. Delfanian and Linda Shannon)

Ulcer Care and Treatment (pdf)

Determine Type of Birthmark


only occurs in infants

Port Wine Stains

all ages

Vascular Malformations

all ages

Appears at or shortly after birth
Present at birth
May be present at birth. May appear suddenly at any age or may appear following illness or trauma or during times of hormone changes
Grows rapidly for first 0-9 months. Most stop growing between 6-18 months
Stays same until adulthood, may thicken with age or become cobbled
Most grow slowly from birth or may onset suddenly and have slow or intermittent growth
Stops growing by 18 months, but can take up to ten years to regress, often leaving a cosmetic deformity
Never go away, can stay the same thickness or may thicken with age
Never go away, usually grow with individual. May have growth spurts with hormone changes or from trauma or sickness.
May be raised, flat or both
flat at birth, may slightly thicken with age
Mostly think and deep, may be diffused or focal
Can be inside or outside of body. Inside locations include brain, liver, intestines
Mostly on skin but can be on brain or behind eye
Can be inside or outside body, including on brain, liver, intestines, spine, stomach, or organs
Can ulcerate or bleed
Little blebs can bleed
Can result in bleeds
Stay same when sick, feels spongy
Same when sick, but change color with hot or cold
Lymphatic swell/shrink with respiratory illness. Venous fill when inverted, arterio-venous have pulse when pressed
Responds to steroids
Does not respond to steroids
Malformations usually do not respond to steroids except some lymphatic lesions
Some respond to laser
Respond to laser
Some respond to laser
Surgery can be indicated
Surgery rarely indicated
Surgery often indicated
Early intervention recommended but not always necessary
Early intervention recommended to prevent thickening

Early intervention recommended to minimize extent of surgery


Information for Parents

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Before and after of port wine stain
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Before and after of venous malformation

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Publications for Parents:

  • VBF Vascular Birthmarks Brochure - Download and Print - A comprehensive brochure describing all vascular birthmark types, syndromes and treatment options. To print, click here (you will need the Acrobat Reader to view and print this document).
  • Doctor Visit Survey Have you been seen by a doctor to assess a vascular birthmark? Please click here and complete our survey. This survey will be used to provide feedback to the doctors about the information and treatment they provide to families affected by a vascular birthmark. Complete your survey and mail to Corinne Barinaga, c/o VBF Director of Information Services, PO Box 106, Latham, NY 12110.
  • Before you visit, email, or speak to a birthmark specialist, be sure to read our Checklist for Parents!
  • Dr. Rosen's Vascular Birthmark Information for Parents
  • Simple things you can do to manage KTS (Dr. Delfanian and Linda Shannon)

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