Find a Physician

Dr. Anita Trailius
University Hospital Mulmoe

Jan Kromhout, MD PhD
Hospitaalweg 1
Flevo Ziekenhuis
phone: 0031 36 5398701
In our centre the surgeon, the plastic surgeon and
the pediatrician work together in the treatment of vascular malformations.
If LASERtreatment or embolisation is indicated, patients are referred to The
University Hospital in Amsterdam

Prof C.M.A.M.van der Horst
Plastic surgery Academic Medical Centre
Po box 66220
1100AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands-, email, tel 020-566297.


Dr. Odile Enjolras
Groupe Hospitalier
Cochin Hospital Lariboisiere
Paris France
Phone: 33 14 9958 359
Email: odile.enjolras@lrb.ap

Dr. Stavros Tombris MD, PhD, DDS.
Facial Surgeon who operates on children and adults with vascular birthmarks and tumors or the head and neck area. Dr. Tombris spent several years studying in Boston, Mass.
51 Kifisias Avenue
11523 Athens Greece
Tel +30210 6911655

Laurence M. Boon, M.D., Ph.D.
Center for Vascular Anomalies
Division of Plastic surgery
Cliniques universitaires St Luc
Avenue Hippocrate 10

Dr. Romain Vanwijck
Service De Chirurgie Plastique
Cliniques Unversitaires St. Luc
Brussels, belgium
Phone: 32 2 764 14 03

Prof. Dr. med. H.-Peter Berlien
Chefarzt der Abteilung für Lasermedizin
Tel: +49-(0)30-2506-902
Fax: +49-(0)30-2506-923

Dr. Dirk Loose
Center for Circulatory Disturbances and Vascular Defects
Bahrenfelder Steindamm Nr.
109-111, 22761
Juergensallee Hamburg, Germany
Phone: 011-49829610
0049-40-46- 00 39-0 (phone)
Serving: Europe, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Egypt, USA, and Canada.
Sponsors annual gathering for families affected by vascular anomalies.

Susanne Astner M.D.
Charité University Medicine Berlin
Department of Dermatology
Charitéplatz 1
0049-30-450-518039 for appointments

Dr. Ignacio Sanchez-Carpintero, MD PhD
Unversity Clinic of Navarra
Medical School of the University of Navarra, Spain


Dr. Richard Barlow
St. John's Institute
St. Thomas Hospital
London, England

Dr. Karen Healey
St. Thomas Hospital
London, England
Att: Angie, Dr. Healey's Secretary 001144-1232-618-737 (phone) 001144-171-922-8186 (fax)

Alderhey Childrens Hospital Eaton Road

Beginning in January 2009, Dr Waner will be visiting Liverpool on a regular basis to see patients and perform sugeries, working in conjunction with Mr Liew Consultant plastic surgeon.

We have a large vascular birtmarks service including a multidisciplinary team and a large vascular service.

Patients may contact:


Dr Alan Irvine MD FRCPI MRCP
Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist
Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick children
Dublin 12
Ph + 353 1 428 2532
Physician referral to P: + 353 1 428 2532

Dr Rosemarie Watson MD FRCPI FACP
Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist
Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children
Dublin 12
Phone: + 35352-428 2541
Physician referral to . Ph: + 353 1 428 2541.

Interests include haemangiomas and laser therapy. A monthly paediatric multidisciplinary vascular clinic (dermatology, plastic surgery, interventional radiology) is held at the children’s hospital above.

A multidisciplinary vascular clinic is also held quarterly at the adult centre, St James’s Hospital, Dublin and represented by vascular surgery, radiology, plastic surgery and dermatology. Access is through referral by family practitioner to Department of Dermatology, St James’s Hospital, Dublin or email: (Catherine Berry-Byrne).



Vascular Anomalies Clinics at Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.

The clinics for children with vascular anomalies at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada are as follows:

1. Vascular Anomalies Clinic (VAC).

This is a once-weekly multi-professional clinic and accepts all children with vascular malformations, providing comprehensive care and treatment. Selected patients with vascular tumours, referred from the Dermatology clinic, requiring invasive treatments are also seen.

2. Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS) Clinic.

This is a once-monthly multi-professional clinic and accepts all children with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome providing comprehensive care and treatment. Selected patients are also seen in the Orthopaedic clinic.

3. Bone Vascular Clinic (BVC).

This is a multi-professional clinic held once every 2 months, dedicated to caring for children with joint disease from their vascular malformations.

All 3 clinics see children up until 18 years of age and, if needed, will arrange transfer of care after 18 years of age to an adult clinic.

The physician directing the above 3 clinics is:

Dr. Philip John

Clinic Director (Interventional Radiologist)

The Hospital for Sick Children

Toronto, Canada

Clinic contact information (for Vascular Anomalies, KTS and Bone Vascular Clinics):

Telephone: 416-813-5273

Fax: 416-813-6147

4. Dermatology Clinic

The Dermatology Clinic sees all children with hemangiomas and other vascular tumours.

The physician for the Dermatology Clinic is:

Dr. Elena Pope

Head, Section of Dermatology

Division of Pediatrics

The Hospital for Sick Children

Toronto, Canada

Dermatology Clinic contact information:

Telephone: 416-813-7384

Fax: 416-813-7055