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VBF Life with a Vascular Birthmark Series

Global Ambassador Question & Answer with Scott Cupples

As part of our 2019 VBF Life With a Vascular Birthmark Series, VBF Global Ambassador Manager Scott Cupples asks our international team of global ambassadors the question:

How has VBF given you hope?

This week, we feature VBF Global Ambassador Erika Serna’s answer:

VBF gives me hope because of the constant growth and impact it is making. So many people are being reached through VBF with learning how to help their child or themselves with the different medical aspects, treatment, facebook lives, connecting with other families that are currently going through a similar situation and just having that support. VBF gives people so many opportunities to connect and obtain the resources they may not be able to reach otherwise.

– Erika Serna, VBF Global Ambassador

THANK YOU to Erika and her family for sharing their life with a vascular birthmark with us, and for serving as a VBF Global Ambassador.

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